Are you using the right words in your tender submissions?

When it comes to great tender response submissions, words mean a lot. If you’re not using clear, concise and compelling language in your response, you’re not going to convince the tender panel that your business is hands down the best company for the job.

At TenderWise we’ve helped loads of businesses win tenders but if you want to take the DIY route and write the submission yourself, here are our top tips:

  1. Keep your response simple – the reason the KISS principle is so well known is because it works. And it’s smart. And it’s a good reminder to keep things, well – simple. Flowery words, overly technical content and industry jargon may make you feel good but they can be a real turn-off to your audience.

  2. Keep your response clear and focussed and never say something in 10 words when 5 will do.

  3. Write in a conversational style. If you wouldn’t speak it the way you’ve written it, give it another go until it reads like a conversation.

  4. Be convincing. Tell a story. Answer the question by giving examples of how you have achieved the same outcomes for another similar client. BUT (and it’s a big one) - always make sure that what you write is relevant to the question being asked. Don’t dive off onto a tangent just because you have something you want to say but there isn’t anywhere obvious to put it.

  5. Unless your tender template asks for an Executive Summary, always include a cover letter. This is a great opportunity to highlight what’s so great about your business and how you have the skills and experience to deliver the required tender outcomes.

  6. Don’t just copy and paste your responses from your last tender. Sure you can recycle content but make sure it’s relevant to the question and make sure you read it through. I’ve seen plenty of tenders where content has been copied across from one tender response submission to another with the reference to the tender issuer not updated.

  7. Always check your spelling and grammar - there’s no excuse for getting it wrong when a spelling and grammar checker (such as the one built into Microsoft Word) only takes a few minutes to run. Poor spelling and grammar is a real distraction for the reader and it just makes your business look sloppy.

  8. If you’ve been told that there are word count limitations for your responses then make sure you stick to them - your response is likely to be penalised if you go over the limit.

  9. Use positive terms - so ‘will’ not ‘would’ and ‘can’ not ‘could’.

  10. Use meaningful headings to break up your text and add some visual appeal to your submission

If you’ve got a tender you want to response to but you don’t have the time or the inclination to develop a powerful and compelling submission, contact TenderWise today or give Pauline a call on 0400 514579 for a completely obligation-free chat.