How can TenderWise help me win a tender?

TenderWise are the tender experts.  Chief response writer Pauline Sabin has over 15 years experience writing tender response documentation and she knows what tender issuers are looking for in a tender response.  If you are interested in responding to a tender, you already know you have the skills needed to deliver on what is required.  But you may not have the right story that will make the tender evaluation panel sit up and take notice.  That's where TenderWise can help - we'll make sure your credentials really shine through and that the completed tender documents are polished and professional.

What industries has TenderWise written bids for?

We're experienced and professional tender writers and we have extensive experience writing tender bids for a wide range of industries including:

  • Government tender responses
  • Private Sector tender responses
  • Cleaning tender responses
  • Security Services tender responses
  • Construction tender responses
  • Concreting tender responses
  • Refrigeration tender responses
  • Hospitality tender responses
  • Education tender responses
  • Electrical tender responses
  • Plumbing tender responses
  • Earthworks tender responses
  • Painting tender responses
  • Waste Management tender responses

How important is my price in a tender bid?

Many tenders will include weighted evaluation criteria so you'll know exactly how important price is going to be to the evaluation panel.  But our advice is to always price competitively - if you're not in line with expectations and can't demonstrate any value add to justify a higher price than your competitors, the best written tender response in the world isn't going to cut it.

The tender response needs a Safety Management Plan, Environmental Plan and Quality Management System. Can you help me with those?

Absolutely.  When you hire TenderWise to work with you in your tender response, we write everything that is required.  We realise that many small businesses - and especially tradies - don't have all of the supporting documentation that is commonly requested in a tender response.  But you don't need to worry about that because TenderWise takes care of it all for you.

Can you help me with my Government Tender Response?

Of course.   Government tenders are very specific and can be a little confusing if you're not familiar with the terminology used or the expected format for response, but here at TenderWise we're Government tender writing experts.

Do I need a Cover Letter or Executive Summary?

We ALWAYS include a cover letter and also an executive summary if the response template allows for this. It's really important that the key points about your business are clearly described as early as possible in the tender response.

Can you help me with just part of my bid?

Absolutely - if you're comfortable writing part of the response yourself but need help with just some of it, we'll help with whatever you need.  During our initial discussions, we'll go over all of the response requirements so we know exactly what information you already have.  

How can I find out about Tenders for my type of work in my location?

The best place to start is google - just enter the word tenders and your state or city and you'll see a list of results you can check out.  For Government tenders, a good place to start is the Government eTendering website - usually something like (change the state to whatever is relevant for you).

How do I find the right tender writer for me?

Tender writers come in all shapes and sizes.  Some go the extra mile for their clients and some don't.  Some are genuinely interested in your business and some aren't.  Some are natural writers, able to develop a convincing story about your business and some aren't.  When you hire a tender writer, trust is really important - you're trusting someone you don't know to help you win business so if you don't feel a good rapport after the first conversation, look somewhere else.

My tender is due in a few days so there isn't much time to get the tender completed - can you help?

Yes. Our chief writer Pauline has burned the midnight oil on many occasions to help our clients get a great submission completed in a short amount of time - including one response that included over 150 pages of writing and 20 Appendices in less than 7 days.

Can you help me to make my tender bid look more professional?

Of course we can.  That's what we do.  First impressions really matter so we make sure your tender response looks professional from the moment it's opened.  We design an eye-catching cover page (provided the response template allows for this) and we present your information clearly, using pictures, tables and graphs where appropriate.