FOUR things you ALWAYS need to include in your tender submission

Tenders come in many different shapes and formats but there are usually some common threads in all tender requests, so matter how specific or vague a particular question may be, there are 4 main areas that you'll need to respond to for nearly every tender.

Demonstrate your experience

The tender issuer wants to know that you've got the skills and expertise to get the job done so this is your chance to showcase your awesomeness. You should include:

  1. Your capabilities - exactly what you do and how long you've done it for.
  2. Your capacity to deliver - what resources you have (people and equipment) and how you would structure yourself organisationally to deliver the services.
  3. The experience of your key people - who they are, what qualifications they have, what they've done and how they would add value to the contract.
  4. Your customers - make sure you choose to profile customers who have similar requirements to those in the tender documents and then reinforce the contract similaritie

Show how you'll manage the project

This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you've got the right systems and processes to manage whatever it is that needs to be delivered.  This includes things like:

  1. Management roles and responsibilities
  2. Your Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems
  3. You back office processes
  4. Your service standards
  5. Your reporting ability
  6. Any key performance indicators you want to set

Contract and Relationship Management

Include information about the person or people who will be responsible for contract compliance and the quality of client relationships at all levels for the scope of works.  Include previous experience and qualifications, as well as your process for resolving complaints.

Innovation and Value Add

If you have any cutting edge equipment or processes that you use, make sure you highlight them.  Innovation doesn't need to be ground breaking - it can be a focus on equipment that is more efficient or utilising cloud based and mobile applications in order to be more productive.  If you can't think of anything that you do that's particularly innovative or adds extra value, now's the time to do some research.

Need a hand?

If you need a hand with your tender submission or if you'd like to get ready for the next one by developing some standard responses you can cut and paste from, TenderWise can help.  We've written loads of winning tenders across a wide range of industry sectors and we can help you too.  Just give Pauline a call for a chat on 0400 514579 or contact us here.