Tender Submissions - DIY or get Professional Help?

So you’ve got a tender that looks just right for your business and you want to give it a shot. If it’s your first tender, you’re probably wondering how to go about it, if you’ve got the time and energy to put into it, and whether you should just get an expert to do the hard work for you.

Writing a tender submission that ticks all of the boxes can be a pretty complex business, and it’s not just about answering questionnaires or filling in forms. It’s about constructing a rational and compliant submission that tells an awesome story about your business so you’ll have the best chances of winning that lucrative contract.

If you choose to go down the DIY route, well done you and good luck – here are some tips that will help you do a great job. But if your writing skills are a bit on the ordinary side, here are ten reasons why we think you should use the services of a professional tender response writer.

  1. Tenders can be intricate documents and your response needs to showcase your expertise, experience, and of course, your proven track record. There are usually massive amounts of documents that come along with the tender pack and a professional tender response writer can evaluate which among those documents need to be included in the response and whether there’s any tricky stuff lurking in the depths of the requirements.

  2. It’s very time-consuming to complete a full tender submission. Typically, a professional tender writer will complete your submission a lot faster than most business owners for whom writing is not a core skill. Tender writers tend to be very experienced in the terminologies used in a wide variety of complex tender submissions including Government and Corporate tenders.

  3. Once a professional tender writer has completed your tender, you’ll have a well written document that you can use parts of in your response for your next tender. Typically, you should be able to use around 50 - 70% of the existing text to cut and paste into your new tender. That means great value for your money as you can reuse the text over and over again.

  4. A big chunk of that information that had been put together by the professional tender writer can also be used for other purposes such as advertising and sales materials, brochures, flyers, website and many more. That represents more savings from your end as you don’t have to do a separate investment for all those purposes anymore.

  5. Creating awesome tender responses really do require the skills and experience of an awesome and professional tender writer. Depending on the frequency of your need to create tender responses, you can opt to hire an internal tender writer who will be dedicated to doing tenders, or, you can outsource someone with such skills and expertise on a per need basis like TenderWise.

  6. A professional tender writer ensures that your tender is compliant with each requirement of the Request for Tender (RFT). Failure to adhere to these requirements is the major reason why many tenders don’t make it on the first attempt. If there is no one within your organisation who has this expertise, it might be a good idea to invest in a professional tender writer.

  7. Most tenders want to see evidence of your Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems. If you don’t already have these, a professional writer can usually get the full suite of documentation for you that’s aligned with all of the required ISO standards.

  8. Aside from writing, tenders need be reviewed and proofread thoroughly by a set of trained eyes. The review process performed by a professional tender writer can be the difference between a winning and a losing submission. Without this process, you are at risk of non-compliance and other errors that could easily cost you the bid.

  9. Ultimately, it's all about establishing teamwork. The professional tender writers' first task is to understand your business. Secondly, they will understand why you think you should win. They will bring you invaluable objectivity without bias that internal personnel could possibly have. Since this is the case, they will be able to challenge you to identify facts to support your answers for each question accurately.

  10. In the words of Red Adair, the world-famous oil well fire fighter – if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, hire an amateur and see how much that costs you.

If you would like to make sure to make the most out of your investment for your winning submissions, TenderWise can help. We've written loads of winning tenders across a wide range of industry sectors including cleaning tenders, construction tenders, professional services tenders and security tenders, and we can help you too. Just give Pauline a call for a chat on 0400 514579 or contact us here.