Is formatting important when it comes to tender response submissions?

Want to make your tender submission really stand out?  It's time to think about your formatting!  Sure, many tenders are pretty prescriptive when it comes to the tender response schedules - but there are plenty of opportunities to make your submission shine.  Here are my top tips:

  1. Using headings as much as possible.  No one wants to plow through 3 or 4 pages of your response to a specific question if it's just paragraph after paragraph - but if you break the information up into logical sections using headings and sub headings you submission won't just look good, it'll be a lot easier to read.
  2. Add images.  If the response format permits it, add some images of your work, tour equipment or your staff.
  3. Include a table of contents.  This makes it much easier for the evaluation panel to find the information quickly rather than wading through a pile of pages to find a specific area of your response.
  4. Include a cover letter.  This should be a 1 or 2 page overview that showcases your business and lets the tender evaluation panel know why you're the best candidate for the job.
  5. Incorporate a supporting document with the response.  Usually you'll need to include one of these anyway in order to provide certificates of currency, policy statements, OH&S details etc so make sure it's eye catching.  A nice cover page will make it stand out and again make sure you include a table of contents.  If the response schedule is very restrictive, your supporting document is your opportunity to add all that extra stuff that you couldn't fit in to the main response.
  6. A word of caution though - always read the tender document carefully because sometimes they will specify what you can and can't do as part of your submission and you don't want to blow it just because you didn't read the guidelines.
  7. Include diagrams and flowcharts, and if you need to include an organisational chart do yourself a favour and do it using Word's Smart Art feature - you'll create a professional looking org chart in next to no time.

There are a few tips from me and if you'd like to chat a little more about what you can do to improve your tender submissions, just call me on 0400 514579 for a chat.  Happy tendering until next time.  Pauline