3 crucial elements that will help you win that tender

Writing. You either love it or hate it but no matter how you feel about it, if you’re going to take the DIY route to submitting a tender response we’ve got some tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Give it some eye candy

Visual appeal is important! Of course your tender response needs to be written well, demonstrate exactly how awesome your business is and highlight how you exactly meet the tender criteria but no one want to read through a boring looking submission. So add some headings and images to break up the text, add an eye-catching cover page and don’t be afraid to use some diagrams, charts or infographics to make it more interesting.

Answer the questions

It really is quite astounding how many tender responses I see where the information that the tender issuer wants simply isn’t provided. Make sure you thoroughly read the requirements before starting on the response submission because many of the questions in the response. Quite often the questions in the response schedule will be general statement along the lines of “Demonstrate your ability to meet the specification” or “Provide 3 referees for similar projects”. The important thing here is to make sure your response really highlights how you meet the brief.

When you’re demonstrating your abilities, refer to each of the requirements in the specification and then write about how your experience relates to each one. When you’re providing referees, ALWAYS make sure you give a detailed overview of what you did, when you did it and how it is similar to the project you’re tendering for.

Include relevant supporting information

Supporting information is you best friend - just make sure that whatever you have is clearly identified in the main tender submission (eg: “We have included more information about our Quality Management Processes in Appendix A, a copy of which is attached with this submission”). Always make sure any supporting information is relevant and that (just like your main submission) it has a nice cover page. If you’re including lost of information in one Appendix, make sure you include a Table of Contents.

Need a hand?

If you need a hand with your tender submission or if you'd like to get ready for the next one by developing some standard responses you can cut and paste from, TenderWise can help.  We've written loads of winning tenders across a wide range of industry sectors and we can help you too.  Just give Pauline a call for a chat on 0400 514579 or contact us here.