How to Make a Clean Sweep of Contract Cleaning Tenders

If you're in the cleaning business you already know you're working in a highly competitive sector, with tight margins and increasingly demanding customer requirements.

The market is heavily saturated and competition for lucrative contracts is fierce.  So what can you do to give your business an edge?  Is it possible to polish up your tender response so you can really make a clean sweep of it?

Well...while nothing is certain in a competitive market, there certainly are a number of action you can take to help your cleaning bid stand out. 

Top Tips for Writing Cleaning Tender Bids

Tip One

Consider hiring a professional to work with you on your bid.  Not only do professional tender response writers have loads of experience writing persuasive tenders, they know the market and they know what is expected to complete a stand out bid.  

Tip Two

If you want to go down the DIY route, make sure that your tender response is persuasive, clear and well written.  Get someone to check for grammatical correctness and readability.  I also strongly recommend that you spend some time ensuring it's well formatted and visually interesting.

Tip Three

Tailor your tender as much as possible.  Bring out examples of previous work that aligns as much as possible with the requirements of the tender specification.  Don't just cut and paste the same old generic content that you've used for other tenders or that is on your website.  Generalisations won't cut it in a competitive marketplace.  Make sure you really understand the key selection criteria and then tailor your response with those in mind.

Tip Four

Think about any value adds you might be able to include or anything that can differentiate you from your competitors.  Do you use environmentally friendly products when you clean?  Do you take extra steps to reduce noise or dust pollution?  Can you clean exteriors or windows at height?  Can you differentiate with your response times or reporting?

Tip Five

Think about your competitors.  How are they likely to respond? What are their strengths?  How can you demonstrate that you abilities outmatch theirs?  How will they price their bid?  Price isn't everything but it is an important aspect, so it's important that your bid is in the same range or you're unlikely to progress.

Tip Six

It's a competitive market.  You're not going to win every cleaning tender that you bid for.  But keep refining your responses and most importantly don't give up.  There are plenty of cleaning tenders that get advertised through the year so make sure you're registered with the tender sites so you can find out about the ones that are relevant to you.