What's a Grant and who Qualifies?

A grant is financial aid that doesn't need to be repaid. It's usually paid by a Government department, corporation or foundation and it can apply across a wide range of individuals and businesses.  

The federal Government has around 700 grant programs and allocates a budget of around $50 billion annually. Government grants are available for (among others) the Entrepreneur's Infrastructure Programme, industry skills, medical research, growth, export, regions, agriculture, employment, and the environment. 

Any business or individual who meets the criteria may qualify for a grant.

Generally you'll need to follow the application process that has been prescribed by the funding provider - it can be a very long and arduous process but if you have a good case for support then it's worth the effort.

Understanding the application process is key to a successful submission, so make sure you take the time to read thoroughly so you know what's needed.

It's important to establish credibility by including relevant information about your qualifications and experience, and demonstrating how you meet the funding criteria.


Grant Funding Assistance

A really good grant application will clearly define:

  • What you are proposing
  • Who will benefit from it
  • Where it will take place
  • Why it should take place
  • When it will take place
  • How it's going to happen
  • How much it's going to cost
  • The risks involved and how these can be mitigated
  • How it will be managed
  • Why you

It's the communication of these aspects that make all the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful grant application.

At TenderWise, we can help you demonstrate to the grant funding body why your project is the perfect match for their program.

There is a lot of competition for most grant programs so it's important to plan the response carefully.  Grant providers generally MUST allocate their grant funding, so a well-written grant application that meets all the aims and objectives of the program has every chance of success - as long as it is more convincing than others.

We can help you take a walk in the shoes of the grant provider, understanding their priorities and objectives, and creating a persuasive grant funding submission.


Grant funders pay close attention to your history, track record and leadership team. It’s important to include statistics and examples, and to be factual and objective. Add extra relevancy by including a quote from someone in the community who values your work.
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Find out how TenderWise can help you write a great Grant application!

It takes time to prepare a convincing Grant proposal, so there's no time like the present to get started.  A slow and steady approach with careful thought and planning stands a much better chance of success than trying to rush through a submission.

We'll help you write a compelling Grant submission in a style that is easy and interesting to read.  We never use two words when one will do, we make sure that any jargon or acronyms are banished  and we get to the point quickly at the beginning of each section so the funder knows exactly what to expect.

If you need grant writing help, contact us now and let's get talking so you can jump on the ideas boom today!